our story

Our spa experience is more than 30 years. We studied best steaming and bathing techniques of different cultures all over the world such as Finish Sauna, Russian Banya, Turkish Hammam and Native American Sweat Lodges.

Life spa barrel

Detox – relax – rebirth


As a result of 30 years of experience we created our own truly unique steaming technique as well as designed, constructed, and assembled the Life SPA Barrel here in Maui.


We guide people to the new way of well-being, through deep emotional and spiritual transformational experience during Healing Ceremony in Life SPA Barrel. We use our own methodology based on synergy of all our life experience combined with Hawaiian spirit.


We look forward to welcoming you to experience the Healing Steaming Ceremony in our handmade cedar Life SPA Barrel.

location birth on Maui, Hawaii