Detox – relax – rebirth

Our unique Author’s steaming method is based on the best techniques from heating, bathing and steaming traditions from different cultures such as Finish Sauna, Russian Banya, Turkish Hammam, German Aufguss and Native American Sweat Lodges.

For Ceremony we use organic birch or oak brooms harvested in the forests of Siberia. When steaming these brooms actively emit natural essential oils which deeply penetrate into your body during skin contact, providing healing effect on your skin, muscles, joints and organs.

Honey rub helps to open the skin pores and increase sweating which leads to better cleaning of the skin and organism. Honey improves the healing of micro wounds on your skin, suppresses inflammation and helps to relieve sore muscles.

In order to cleanse the skin even more efficiently and remove dead skin cells, use a mixture of honey and salt which has an exfoliating effect.

A unique combination of our Life SPA Barrel healing power, four elements energy and nature itself

improves both health and state of mind

gives you a sense of deep relaxation on emotional and physical level

creates feeling of pleasure, state of serenity, cheerfulness, renewal and connection with your body

You are welcomed up to 5-sessions in Life SPA Barrel (10-15 min each) which are unique by their therapy benefits and healing effects, as they differ in temperature and humidity levels.

4 hours/$1600

all inclusive

2 guests

Experience you should have

Maui, Hawaii

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